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Driving safely on hazardous roadways

By Alpert Schreyer on May 3, 2016

Hazardous RoadwayAs a driver, you’re vulnerable. We all have to put our trust in the engineers who design our roads and deal with adverse weather conditions, come what may.  If unhappy with the state of a deteriorating and unsafe road, few people can single-handedly successfully lobby the government to attend to the situation right away. Stuff happens around us, road conditions are rarely ideal, and the best we can do is act intelligently.

Here are some tips on keeping yourself safe on hazardous roadways.

Be prepared. Even for trips you take on a daily basis, it’s smart to pack certain items in case you are delayed, stuck, or involved in a crash. You should always have a basic first-aid kit in your vehicle. According to, this road kit should include a few large, dark-colored towels that can be used to apply pressure and cover a wound, cloth bandage wraps, cotton swabs, liquid tears, pain reliever, and a guide to CPR. Be mindful of conditions. If it’s winter and especially if you expect to drive through a snowstorm, pack blankets.

Pay attention. Hazardous road conditions can include downed trees and power lines, strong winds and storms, potholes, improperly marked roads, and altered conditions due to road work. Ironically, adverse conditions can distract you from what’s going on right in front of you. When driving in hazardous conditions, it’s more important than ever to maintain a keen awareness of what’s happening around you so you get through the conditions safely.

Anticipate changes in conditions and drive smart. Check the weather before you leave. Be observant on the road so you know what’s coming. According to, you should never drive when you can only see a few feet ahead of your vehicle. Even if you feel you might be inconveniencing other drivers, it’s always better to slow down or stop than to press on as if nothing is out of the ordinary: that person hurtling past you through the 2 a.m. fog is taking an unwise chance.

Respect other drivers. Even when traffic is terrible, the roadway is cramped, it’s raining, everyone seems to be going too slow, and you’re late for work, be considerate of other drivers, respect their space, and allow them to get where they want to go. “Going with the flow” on the road and keeping a proper space cushion between your vehicle and others will help prevent conflict and tension with other drivers, which can make bad conditions worse.

Accidents happen, especially where there are hazardous road conditions, and many accidents can be prevented.  If you were in an accident that you believe could have been prevented and were not at fault, we can help you.  Call the experienced personal injury attorneys here at Alpert Schreyer, LLC for your free case evaluation. We will listen to you, review your case, and get you the compensation you deserve.

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5 Steps To Take When You’re Involved In a Car Accident

Car accidents are all too common, and by nature they catch us off guard. Emotions often run high: if you’re involved in an accident, you might feel angry at yourself or at other parties involved. At the very least, it’s a stressful experience. If you’re involved in an accident due to the negligence of another driver or drivers it’s crucial to know what to do and what to avoid doing so you and others stay as safe as possible and you get the compensation and treatment you deserve.

Here are five things you should do when you’re involved in a car accident.

  1. Move to a safe place.It’s important to remove yourself from harm’s way as soon as possible. Pull off the road or move to the side if you can, and use your emergency flashers, road flares, or signs to warn other drivers of the situation. If someone has been seriously injured, do not move them. Call 911. As a citizen of Maryland, it’s your responsibility to see if everyone involved is all right, and to help any injured parties if you can.
  2. Give all the right information and call your insurance company.Exchange car insurance information, license number, and license plate number with everyone involved. If a police officer is on the scene, provide all this same information.
  3. Do not admit fault or deny injury. This is something you should really keep in mind if you’re upset. In the moment, your natural impulse might be to take the blame, even if you’re not sure exactly what happened. Don’t do it. Instead, focus on gathering information — make sure to get the contact information of everyone involved — and tell your story later to an accident attorney.
  4. Quickly record everything you remember about the accident. It’s a good idea to do this right away, while the memory is still fresh. Write down details you’re certain about: perhaps the color of the traffic light, signs in the area, how and where the cars collided. Take pictures of the accident scene, but don’t put yourself in harm’s way in doing so.
  5. File a police report.  If there have been any injuries in the accident, a driver involved in the incident is drunk, one or more of the vehicles needs to be towed, a driver is unwilling or unable to exchange information, there is an unlicensed driver, or if a driver flees the scene of the accident, you are required to contact law enforcement.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, call the experienced personal injury attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC for your free case evaluation. We will listen to you, review your case, and get you the compensation you deserve.

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