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Rear-End Car Accidents

A lot of people lump rear-end accidents in with fender benders and simply don’t give them much thought. Rear-end accidents, however, can be serious accidents and should never be discounted. Further, rear-end car accidents can lead to significant long-term negative health consequences. If you’ve been involved in a rear-end car accident, take the matter seriously and seek medical attention.

When you get behind the wheel, you take on an enormous responsibility that requires your utmost attention. Maryland sees its share of rear-end car accidents, and as drivers become more and more distracted (especially by their ever-handy smartphones), they become that much more likely to cause rear-end accidents. When you head out on Maryland’s scenic highways and byways, always put safety first.

Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end collision can happen virtually anywhere—in a parking lot, on a country lane, on a residential street, and even on a high-speed highway. Typically, those rear-end accidents that take place at lower speeds, such as on surface roads or in parking lots, are less dangerous. Even low-speed rear-end collisions, however, should be taken seriously. The injuries caused by an impact at the back of your vehicle can evolve over time and morph into serious health issues. Rear-end accidents that occur at higher speeds are obviously more dangerous and often lead to significant health consequences. If you’ve been involved in a rear-end car accident—whether minor or major—it’s always in your best interest to seek medical attention.

Rear-end collisions happen. If someone else’s negligence has caused you to be injured in a rear-end car accident, you need experienced legal counsel. The skilled legal team at Alpert Schreyer, LLC, has the knowledge and dedication to efficiently and effectively guide your claim toward its best possible resolution.

Distracted Driving Contributes to Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), account for nearly 30 percent of all car crashes, and distracted driving plays a critical role in many of these collisions (DOT, 2007 Analysis of Rear-End Crashes). Typically, rear-end collisions happen when the forward car is either moving very slowly or is stopped when the accident occurs, and the DOT reports that nearly 87 percent of such accidents involve some element of driver distraction. Put more simply—distracted driving plays a very significant role in rear-end car collisions, which are the most common accidents on our roads.

Rear-End Accidents: Other Causes

While distraction plays a hefty role in rear-end car accidents, there are plenty of other causes that can factor into such collisions (some of which are often closely related to distracted driving):

  • Tailgating another vehicle
  • Driving on balding tires
  • Suddenly changing lanes
  • Not heeding the posted warnings associated with driving in road construction or on detours
  • Not heeding hazardous road conditions (including inclement weather)
  • Failing to recognize and consequently driving into a car pileup
  • Failing to allow sufficient braking distances

It takes time to recognize that the cars ahead of you are slowing down, and it’s easy to be caught off guard when forward vehicles suddenly begin braking. Allowing a sufficient stopping distance between your own car and the one you’re traveling behind is critical to safe driving. If a sudden stop becomes necessary, you need to have allowed yourself enough travelling distance to safely make the stop.

Steering Clear of Rear-End Car Accidents

It’s established—rear-end accidents happen. A lot. Further, these accidents are dangerous. There are, however, precautions you can implement to help you avoid being involved in a rear-end accident:

  • Carefully monitor the traffic that’s ahead of you
  • Frequently check your driving mirrors and remain aware of the traffic all around you
  • Keep your focus on your driving and keep distractions to a minimum
  • When stopping, check the road for an escape route (in case the car behind you fails to stop in time)
  • Come to smooth, progressive stops whenever possible
  • Check the wear on your tires frequently
  • Check your brake lights and turn signals regularly
  • Allow plenty of distance between your car and the car in front of you
  • Rear-end collisions are dangerous; do what you can to stay safe out there.
  • Injuries Commonly Associated with Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end accident can lead to any number of injuries, but the most commonly associated health concerns are neck injuries, such as whiplash. Neck injuries can be physically debilitating and can lead to chronic conditions that necessitate long-term medical care and physical therapy. Besides neck conditions, there are several other injuries that are often precipitated by rear-end collisions:

  • Ankle, knee, and leg injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Facial lacerations
  • Spinal cord injuries


Whiplash is so closely associated with rear-end car accidents—and it can have such negative health consequences—that it’s worth taking a closer look. Whiplash is a serious medical condition that’s often accompanied by significant pain and that typically requires medical treatment to help alleviate that pain and help mitigate further negative health consequences. Whiplash (along with many other neck injuries) is associated with a series of symptoms:

  • A stiff neck
  • The sudden onset of headaches
  • The sudden onset of dizziness
  • The sudden onset of fatigue
  • Pain in the arm, shoulder, back, or jaw
  • The sudden onset of ringing in the ears
  • Emotional symptoms, such as increased anxiety or depression

If you experience any of these symptoms after being involved in a rear-end collision, you need to seek immediate medical attention. The more quickly you’re accurately diagnosed, the better chance you’ll have of achieving a full recovery.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Rear-End Car Accident, Contact an Experienced Maryland Car Accident Attorney Today

Rear-end accidents are the most common accidents on our roads, and they can lead to extremely serious injuries. If you’ve been injured in a rear-end accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, don’t take matters into your own hands—seek experienced legal counsel. At Alpert Schreyer, LLC, our skilled car accident attorneys have the knowledge and commitment to aggressively advocate for the compensation to which you are entitled. We have five convenient locations in Maryland, so please contact or call us at (844) 632-7274 for a free case evaluation today.

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